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I chose to come to Earth during a time of awakening. Current events are providing me the breather space for the mirage I thought could never happen: quenching the thirst of time to Self, instead of the rush and worry of survival mode. I have come here to bring Peace. To honour and teach aboutContinue reading “Mirage”


We are not brought to the Earth Star to suffer. We come here with a prayer to the Divine on our lips and the heart of the universe beating in our soul. When we land on Earth in some situation or geography that carries the scars of wars and blood, we are called to healContinue reading “Servitude”

Journey to Earth

I have lived my life in fear of people. Everything I have done – or not done, has been informed by a fear of human beings; of how they might attack me, how they might bring me down, how they might undermine me and how they would disconnect me even more from a society IContinue reading “Journey to Earth”

1000 fractals

I broke a glass butter dish into a thousand fractals. Crackling lightly beneath the rubber soles of my babouches, they flickered lightly on the black kitchen tiles. “What is the meaning of this?” I asked the Divine. Every one of our thoughts, impacts our reality, was the answer. Minutes before, I has been churning inContinue reading “1000 fractals”

Refining Wisdom

It is from God’s vast wisdom that He caused some of us to suffer on Earth, to suffer loss, deprivation and difficult circumstances. Many of us take a dark perspective of this topic, and many of us will describe it as pure injustice. Perhaps we all went through something like this in a period ofContinue reading “Refining Wisdom”

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Blog Posts from The Soul

Daily life and Oneness

Our everyday lives are permeated with the opportunity to connect with the Soul of another. This is what keeps us from emptiness and loneliness. Above all for those on a path of Oneness, it is the optimal path to unifying with the Twin Flame morphogenic field. While nurturing Self in solitude is a healthy practiceContinue reading “Daily life and Oneness”

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